Stacey Mrmacovski​ is an artist based in Melbourne,  inspired by the forms, colours and lighting of the Australian landscapes that surround her. Although inspiration is drawn from the elements of the landscapes, her works are purely emotive and each piece one of a kind. Drawn from influences of both impressionism and expressionism, with each stroke of paint, Stacey brings to life raw energy and emotion and through her process, tries to makes sense of the world which surrounds her.  There is a connection to the land but also a connection to a visceral place of internalised emotion,  which can only be externalised through her work. 

After painting her whole life and working in the advertising and art education industry, it was only after the birth of her first son that Stacey decided to showcase her artwork to the public in 2014 and since then has gathered a following from collectors across Australia and internationally. 

Stacey has participated in shows in Melbourne and Singapore with Manyung Gallery and has worked closely with Interior Designers and Architects with custom commissions, including pieces for commercial and international collections.  

Her original artworks hang in collections across Australia, Asia, United Arab Emirates,  Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.



Artist Profile by Elizabeth Rogers, for Manyung Gallery, November 2020:

"Stacey Mrmacovski paints dark into light. Wild undercurrents of black into white.
This electrifying artist’s fascination with energy, emergence and release is laid bare on the
canvas through mesmerising movement. Her brush strokes travel through fluid landscapes
both real and imagined to land where raw emotion lives. A place where time stands still and
touches you with the point of a pin.
Visually and texturally thrilling, this is kinetic, visceral work from an artist who began
painting with oils as a child with her grandmother. Painting is in her blood and the result of
that deep inter-generational primal connection has resulted in an exceptional body of work
that investigates what lies beneath. Her work heals. Seduces. Makes your spirit sing. Pushes
you out of your body, then drops you back in. Water becomes a metaphor for emotion as
the blackness of below rumbles into whitecaps blending into the whitest of whites.
Influenced by Caravaggio’s incandescent work, Stacey strives for slow, purposeful
perfection. With a dalliance in advertising, she now prefers to paint as much as possible on
large canvasses. Settling somewhere between expressionism and impressionism, her work is
a dedication to sensory perception and existentialism.
Dive in. Drown, and let luminosity begin."



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