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"Stacey Mrmacovski is a contemporary artist with a strong artistic lineage. Her grandmother trained her in the art of oils by the age of 6, instilling a lifelong passion for painting. This familial connection and primal bond have led to the creation of an extraordinary body of work that delves into the depths of human experience.

The canvas becomes a conduit for Stacey Mrmacovski's  captivating exploration of energy, emergence, and release. With mesmerising brushstrokes, she traverses fluid landscapes that blend reality and imagination, ultimately arriving at a place where raw emotions reside. Within this timeless realm, her art pierces you with its delicate touch, evoking profound sensations."

- Elizabeth Rogers for Manyung Gallery, 2023


"There is great power in simplicity, and with an economy of stroke so much can be said of the landscape Stacey Mrmacovski conjures. Based in Melbourne/Wurundjeri, Mrmacovski is inspired by the colours and lighting of the Australian landscape, and her works are purely emotive depictions influenced by both impressionism and expressionism.

Stacey makes use of the impasto technique, which requires heaping paint onto the canvas and quickly whipping and slicing it into form. This thickened paint records gestures in a way that acrylic simply cannot. Moving closer to any one of the eighteen paintings, one can appreciate the intricate peaks and troughs of the paint – as though it were its own kind of landscape.

- Amber Creswell Bell for Michael Reid Gallery, 2023

“With my latest work, I am inspired by memories and scenes from my own life amongst landscapes that coloured the fleeting moments of happiness, beauty, and harmony. Memories that I can’t get back, but I can revisit through paint. These landscapes are a fusion of places and memories and join together into one scene. As an artist, my hope is that through my artwork the viewer can turn each stroke of paint alive and be guided to a place of memory or dream, where they can revisit anytime they choose.

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